If you are unfortunate enough to experience injury, pain or discomfort whilst playing drums, or you're worried it might become a problem; you'll be pleased to know there is effective, practical help at hand from internationally renowned educator and world leading specialist in injury prevention and rehab - Martin Ranscombe.  Please click here and head over to my main website to see how my unique, holistic approach could make all the difference!

"I had 'broken hands' and severe RSI when I met Martin and also postural and technique issues.  Martin's techniques meant I re-evaluated my whole approach to drumming...(see more)

- Jungle Drummer

"As a long-term sufferer of various repetitive strain injuries including tendonitis...I had been told generally by physios that my problems lay in playing too much, followed by a specific muscle stretch or exercise that would ‘cure’ my issues and with the recommendation of “play less”. This didn’t work too well for me and didn’t seem to make much sense, disconnected from the reality what we do - play drums.


One of the best things about seeing Martin is that he gets it..." (see more)

- Casey C

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